Nutritional Supplement Therapy

Following the discovery of vitamin A in 1913 scientists began to realize the important role vitamins play in healthy nutrition. Since that time dietary supplements have become very widespread with the identification of ever more essential vitamins.

Vitamins play a vital part in the metabolism of the human body. There are about fifteen vitamins however vitamin B is normally referred to as vitamin B complex, as it is made up of a group of related compounds.

Nutritional therapy therefore is founded on the idea that deficiencies of different nutrients (vitamins and minerals) in the body will generate some malfunctions, including scurvy (lack of vitamin C) and anemia (which can be lack of B, C or E). The missing or deficient vitamins and minerals can be supplied by re-balancing the diet or by taking appropriate nutritional supplements.

When we are ill the body needs more nutrients to fight against the sickness and to repair its’ cells sufficiently. A nutritional therapist analyses a client’s diet, current state of health and general lifestyle. With this information, changes in diet and doses of relevant nutritional supplements can then be recommended.

Dr. Stan uses the patient information gathered together with data from the Biological Quantum Analysis to then complete his recommendations for a more scientifically-sound nutritional supplementation therapy

Our bodies are able to synthesize some vitamins from food produce but others must be obtained from our diet. Vitamins are divided into those which are soluble in fat (fat-soluble) and those that are soluble in water (water-soluble). The fat-soluble ones are A, D, E and K and can be stored in the body.

The water soluble vitamins, B and C, cannot be stored and therefore must be ingested on an almost daily basis. A further complication is that there is often lost in the cooking process.

If vitamins which can be stored are taken to quantities that are too large they can be harmful and even toxic.

In general the body will routinely excrete excess amounts of vitamin B and C.

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