Nature Pulse Therapy

Whether you have acute pain or chronic pain caused by injury, surgery, age or illness, Nature Pulse Therapy is a unique system that stimulates the body’s own natural repair system, helping to relax muscles and open up blood vessels allowing better blood flow. 

A non-invasive treatment that attacks the cause of pain and not just the symptoms, it helps to improve muscle strength, mobility and flexibility.

Overall benefits

Many patients have not only reported a reduction of pain, but they have also indicated improvements in lifestyle, improved sleeping patterns and a general improvements in their overall well being – both physically and mentally. 

Increased mobility and function typically follow after a small number of sessions with Nature Pulse Therapy. No side effects have been reported throughout the 10 years that the therapy has been used with almost 95% success rate.

How it works

By using software controlled electronic impulses to stimulate various processes within damaged tissues. Harmless volt tension impulses lasting nanoseconds are administered via non-invasive ECG electrodes placed on the skin of the area targeted. 

These short lived impulses produce an effect more akin to acupuncture than electrotherapy and so virtually no current is generated. Those rapidly changing negative volt impulses have a variety of durations and powers in order to specifically instigate or accelerate the natural tissue repair mechanism of the body.

Nature Pulse Therapy

Stimulates the natural production of endogenous vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) within blood vessels. This increases local blood flow by dilating the vessels and over time stimulates the creation of new blood vessels. 

VEGF also stimulates the release of Nitric Oxide an essential gas the body needs in order to perform a variety of functions. Adequate amounts of Nitric Oxide within our bodies allows for an increase in blood flow, regulates blood circulation and increases the blood vessels allowing more oxygen and nutrients to penetrate the cells as well as preventing the formation of blood clots. The release of Nitric Oxide acts immediately on the surrounding tissue and this results in a rapid reduction of pain in those tissues.

The VEGF stimulates the release of endothelial cells which act on healing the damaged blood vessels.

The treatment is non-invasive, painless and improves many areas of acute and chronic pain in the body.

Treatable areas with Nature Pulse Therapy can be separated into two categories traumatic programmes and chronic pain programmes:

Traumatic Programmes Chronic Programmes
Post Traumatic Cervicalgia Neck Treatments Cervicalgia Neck
Post Traumatic Dorsalgia Upper to Middle Back Dorsalgia Upper Back
Lumbo-Sciatica Mid to Lower Back Lumbalgia Middle to Lower Back
Shoulder Tendonitis Lowermost Back Epicondylitis Tennis Elbow
Coxalgy Shoulder Area Shoulder Arthrosis -
Knee Distortion Hip to Knee Hip Arthrosis -
Ankle Distortion - Gonarthrosis Back of Knee
Muscle Contractures - Foot Arthrosis -
Muscle Strain Applied where applicable Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Wrist
Achilies Tendonitis Applied where applicable Rizarthrosis Hand
- - Heel Spur Treatment -
Plantar Fasciitis Central Foot Treatment

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