Digital Pulsewave Analysis

The Digital Pulsewave Analyzer is a diagnostic tool that helps reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease in patient populations through early detection and thus prevention.
DPA screening:
● Takes a snapshot of arterial elasticity
● Tests heart rate, artery flexibility, hydration levels and overall cardiovascular health
● Is quick, affordable, painless and reliable

DPA performs the following checks:
● Electrocardiogram
● Echocardiogram
● Duplex Doppler
● Pulse Oximeter
● CV Profiler
● Heart Rate Variability
● Augmentation Index

Why test for Arterial Stiffness?
Aging and disease states associated with an increase in cardiovascular events alter the physical characteristics of blood vessel walls and impair the pulsatile function of arteries. An accumulating body of evidence indicates that impaired pulsatile function of arteries provides important prognostic and therapeutic information beyond that provided by traditional blood pressure measurements.

The ability to detect and monitor sub-clinical damage, representing the cumulative and integrated influence of risks factors in impairing arterial wall integrity, holds potential to further refine cardiovascular risk stratification and enable early intervention to prevent or attenuate disease progression.

Accumulating evidence suggests that abnormalities in the pulsatile characteristics of arteries occur early in the disease processes associated with increase cardiovascular risk and CAN BE favourably modified by therapeutic interventions.
We now know that the health of the endothelium and the blood vessels directly affects overall cardiovascular health. Cardiovascular disease kills more than ONE MILLION Americans every year.

DPA Clinical Applications:
● Accurately measures the elasticity of small and large arteries and provides the healthcare practitioner with critical information regarding arterial aging.
● The DPA is a tool used to monitor efficacy of treatment options, lifestyle management and the reduction of cardiovascular risk factors.

Simple and Effective:
● The DPA measures a pulse waveform produced by the beating heart displayed on the monitor. As patients rest comfortably an arterial pulse sensor is placed on the finger.
● The data captured by the DPA during the test is analysed and reported in just minutes to provide a clear, concise evaluation tool for healthcare professionals.

Advantages of the DPA:
● SCREENING: Risk factors by early detection of abnormal arterial wall functions.
● IDENTIFYING: Biological aging pattern of arteries in less than 3 minutes.
● MONITORING: Track and or analyze effectiveness of therapeutic intervention.
● EVALUATING: Efficacy of prescribed lifestyle modifications or medicine.
● HRV SOFTWARE: Analyzes imperceptible changes in the heart rate waveforms and evaluates current body conditions as well as balances within the autonomic nervous system.

Real Time Autonomic Nervous System Assessment
Heart Rate Variability tests the balance of the autonomic nervous system using time and frequency domain analysis and provides early detection of psychological and environmental factors affecting health.

HRV Clinical Application:
● Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is a cutting-edge measurement of cardiovascular health.
● Indicates the active status of the autonomic nervous system.
● Measures the ability of the heart to better adapt to changing circumstances.

Benefits of the DPA and HRV:
● Comprehensive statistical summaries are easy to interpret and graphic and tabular reports.
● Strengthens research efforts by validating and documenting therapeutic effects.
● Improves patient compliance with powerful and motivational visuals.
● Accurately captures and sores patient information for easy retrieval.
● Portable, light weight and user friendly.

Free Consultation:
At Health R Us Clinic we are pleased to offer FREE consultations. That means you may call or come in to simply discuss your health concerns and get some straight answers. We give you all the information you will need to make an informed decision about how to move forward with natural cutting-edge solutions to your given health problem. With our state of the art early detection high-tech equipment including, Live Blood Microscopic Analysis, early cancer detection with D.I.T.I. or digital Cardiovascular Screening together with solid nutritional advise and natural herbal supplementation, we are here to get you on the road to abundant health and wellness.
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