Blood Microscopy

pH Microscopy uses two types of blood tests. It’s a science used to compliment regular blood work. It’s a means of early detection of the body’s imbalances, often before they are evident in regular medical testing. It began in Europe in the 1920’s and continues with popularity today throughout the world.

The focus of the analysis of each test is less on the symptoms and more on the root cause. For when the causes are eliminated the symptoms will naturally be reversed – the human body is programmed for self-healing.
Blood Facts

Blood transports oxygen from the lungs to the tissues and picks up carbon dioxide from the tissues to take back to the lungs to be exhaled.

Blood transports nutrients (sugars, various vitamins and minerals, fats, amino acids required by cells to make proteins), from the intestines to cells throughout the body.

Blood picks up and removes waste products form the cells to the filtering organs (kidneys, liver, lungs, skin, bowels etc.) to be excreted.

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The first of the two tests is Live Blood Cell Analysis. A drop of blood is expressed from a finger tip, placed on a slide and magnified under a video microscope. Both red and white blood cells continue to live for a number of minutes after being taken and can be observed on a monitor screen as they function.

The second test, Dried Blood Cell Analysis, uses a second drop of blood to deposit 8 layers on a slide. The layers dry in a centrifugal spinning action as the blood coagulates. Patterns are thus formed which can indicate free radical activity – an early detection sign.
Both analyses are displayed, discussed with the client and a protocol is developed to assist with diet, supplementation, detoxification and/or lifestyle changes. As an added feature  pH Nutrition is part of the session to further compliment the Live and Dried Blood Analyses.

Reasons for Microscopy
•    Increase Energy
•    Assists Healing
•    Early Detection Tool
•    Balance Body Systems
•    Increase Self Awareness
•    Weight Loss and Weight Gain
•    Clear Allergies and Sensitivities
•    Enhance Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

Live and Dried Blood Cell Analyses Can Detect
•    Glucose intolerance
•    Immune system activity and condition of red blood cells
•    Nutritional imbalances – vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, enzymes, protein…
•    Digestive insufficiency, bowel dysfunction
•    Hormone imbalance (i.e. thyroid and pancreas)
•    Congested lymphatic system
•    Circulatory inefficiency and under oxygenation
•    Candida/yeast, parasites, viral activity
•    Liver and kidney stress
•    Stress, emotional trauma…
•    Toxicity from metals, chemicals, radiation, poor diet and much more…

Preparing for Live and Dried Blood Cell Analyses

Fast for min. 4 hours prior to the appointment time.
Please drink at least 1 liter of water during the hour prior to appointment time.
Do not take supplements, alcohol, drugs or medication for 48 hours before the test if medically safe and appropriate.
Bring your breakfast or food and beverage with you to the appointment. You can eat and drink once a blood sample is taken.
Appointments take 1½ hours to 2 hours. Feedback is immediate and written reports are provided.
A protocol is set in place to help you return to health and vitality
On going coaching is provided as part of the initial appointment by phone and/or email.

Below are before and after samples of blood.

Blood Micrsocopy

Blood Sample before treatment Blood Sample after treatment
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Free Consultation:

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