Dr. StanDr. Stan Odle (B.Tech, M.Sc., CNHP, ND) is a Doctor of Naturopathy, graduated from Trinity School of Natural Health, America. He is also a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and a Certified Nutritional Microscopist. Stan holds several degrees and as a Certified Clinical Thermographer is the only person in the English-speaking Caribbean to be a member of the American College of Clinical Thermology.
Dr. Stan Odle operated one of the very first natural health clinics in Barbados more than 22 years ago. It was called Eden Health Clinic.
Stan is Barbadian by birth but moved to England with his parents at a young age and so got his university education mainly in the UK and then Israel and America. With a background in the pure sciences of physics, chemistry and biology Stan turned his attention and energies to natural medicine primarily as a direct result of having been raised by his grandmother who lived to be 103 years and was a staunch advocate of natural herbal medicine.

Stan now operates the Health R Us Clinic on Grazettes Main Road, St. Michael, Barbados and is a fierce advocate of early detection methods in natural medicine because he believes that high-tech early detection devices and strategies will be at the forefront of modern medicine going forward. To this end some of the powerful diagnostic tools at Stan’s disposal include Live Blood Microscopic Analysis, Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging and Digital Cardiovascular Screening.

One of the corner stones of Stan’s present practice is free consultations since he believes that in order for patients to better and more effectively take charge of their health they should be armed with sufficient information so as to make correct decisions.
Stan is married to Helen and is father to 4 children and grandfather of 7.


Long Chain Phenols – Christopher J. Baylis, Stanley W. D. Odle and John H. P. Tyman

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